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GIF of the month. 

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My BF told me a story about how when he was in the 7th grade he was really sick and almost died and had to stay in bed and no one came to see him on his birthday but his World Of Warcraft friends threw him a virtual party and if that doesn’t warm your heart then idk what will.

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Photo of Mel & I by Chantal Anderson

I want to have this freedom one day to wear a dress with the back cut out. 


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There’s a new show on FX with Kelsey Grammer & Martin Lawrence! I’m super excited.

Yeah, it’s called Partners and I’m excited too :)


Kelsey Grammer & Martin Lawrence are… PARTNERS

I’m so excited for this new sitcom on FX! I just know this is going to be a hit. YAY! I’m so excited, I’m practically jumping in my chair! (and yelling apparently…sorry about that)

Want to see a trailer? Click here :)